Famous Montessori Students

YO YO MA – United nations Peace Ambassador, winner of 15 Grammy Awards, Presidential Medal of Freedom & National Medal of the Arts

JOSHUA BELL – Grammy award-winning violinist and subject of a Pulitzer prize-winning media story

JEFF BEZOS – Amazon founder

DAVID BLAINE – Illusionist & magician

T BERRY BRAZELTON – Pediatrician, child psychiatrist, author and harvard medical school professor emeritus

JULIA CHILD – Celebrity chef & author

GEORGE CLOONEY – Academy award-winning actor, director, producer,humanitarian, United nations messenger of peace

SEAN “P Diddy” COMBS – Grammy award-winning musician, rap recording artist and ceo of bad boy records

JOHN and JOAN CUSACK – Actor and screenwriter, and Academy award-nominated actress, respectively

ANNE FRANK – Memoirist & author

KATHARINE GRAHAM – Pulitzer prize-winning author and Former owner & editor of the Washington Post

HELEN KELLER – Political activist, author, lecturer, awarded the presidential medal of freedom

BEYONCE KNOWLES – Singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer,16-time Grammy award-winner

TAYLOR SWIFT – Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter

SERGEY BRIN & LARRY PAGE – Google founders

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